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Professional Skills Development

We offer both corporate and public workshops and can tailor them to meet your specific needs. We are consultant partners with NetSpeed Leadership using a unique blend of classroom and electronic learning based solutions. This blended approach is cutting edge technology for promoting learning in the corporate setting.

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Managing Projects by Design

  • Develop clear objectives before starting a project
  • Prepare and implement a project plan
  • Monitor and deal with changes in the project plan
  • Improve your effectiveness as a project manager
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Managing Time in Fast Forward

  • Focus on priority tasks that help you achieve your goals
  • Minimize interruptions that reduce your productivity
  • Handle the tyranny of voice mail and email
  • Manage multiple priorities and incoming requests
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Running Effective Meetings

  • Develop a solid agenda
  • Apply techniques to streamline discussion
  • Use "quick and dirty" meeting strategies
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Meeting Change with Resilience

  • Explain the cycle of change and its impact on people in the workplace
  • Map a cycle of change from your past
  • Map an anticipated change and prepare to respond with resilience
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Connecting with Your Career

  • Recognize and communicate your strengths and skills
  • Identify your work preferences
  • Develop and maintain a professional network
  • Elicit feedback and suggestions to shape your professional development
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Working with Communication Styles

  • Identify your own communication style
  • Recognize differences in communication styles
  • Develop strategies for working with people whose communication styles are different from your own
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