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Performance Management Training

We offer both corporate and public workshops and can tailor them to meet your specific needs. We are consultant partners with NetSpeed Leadership using a unique blend of classroom and electronic learning based solutions. This blended approach is cutting edge technology for promoting learning in the corporate setting.

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“ I recommend this training for any company that wants its employees to gain more skills in establishing and maintaining customer relationships.” – Gregory Florez, President, First Fitness, Inc., World’s largest fitness consulting firm

Hiring the Best Talent

  • Factor in both skills and talent when selecting employees
  • Ask questions that help you identify high performers
  • Conduct effective interviews from first to last
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Getting the Right Start

  • Set clear performance expectations with the employee
  • Get to know the employee and their needs
  • Provide useful on-the-job training and feedback
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Coaching to Redirect

  • Give constructive feedback so that it can be heard and acted upon
  • Own your observations to reduce defensiveness
  • Recognize and appreciate performance improvement
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Turning Performance Problems Around

  • Observe and address performance issues quickly
  • Document conversations and follow up to ensure correction
  • Apply a model to get performance back on track
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Appraising Performance

  • Link performance evaluations to stated expectations
  • Use descriptive language to coach for improvement
  • Conduct effective performance appraisal discussions
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Coaching Smart People

  • Spot coaching opportunities and apply a model for coaching
  • Recognize what motivates your employees
  • Identify behaviors that help foster a coaching climate
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Delegating Smartly

  • Specify what work to delegate and why
  • Choose the right person to delegate to
  • Use a model for successful delegation
  • Identify your delegation strengths and weaknesses and minimize the latter
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