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Leadership Development

Have you tapped into your full leadership potential?

Let us help you discover your hidden potential and manifest it in your daily life. We offer both corporate and public workshops and can tailor them to meet your specific needs. We are consultant partners with NetSpeed Leadership using a unique blend of classroom and electronic learning based solutions. This blended approach is cutting edge technology for promoting learning in the corporate setting.

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Leading with Integrity

  • Assess the ethical environment of your organization
  • Support ethical action based on nine inspired ideas
  • Create an ethical action plan
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Creating an Inspiring Work Culture

  • Build an energizing, motivational work climate
  • Develop high performance by choice not by demand
  • Celebrate and reward success

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Communicating to Influence

  • Develop techniques to influence effectively
  • Gain support for your ideas and plans
  • Use reflective listening to understand objections
  • Collaborate to determine a final strategy

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Building the Total Team

  • Manage the team, building on the strengths of individuals
  • Develop a high performance Total Team
  • Recognize the five phases of team development

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Making Strategic Decisions

  • Recognize the importance of thinking strategically when making a decision
  • Apply the guidelines for making effective decisions
  • Base decisions on sound criteria, linked to company objectives

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Thinking to Break the Box

  • Break old thought patterns that constrain creativity
  • Use creative thinking techniques to reach innovative solutions
  • Apply synergistic thinking to on-the-job problems

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Building Open Communication

  • Listen in a way that encourages others to be open and forthcoming
  • Focus on the important aspects of what others are communicating
  • Present yourself with confidence
  • Be direct and honest without being overbearing

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Transforming Team Conflict

  • Practice communication skills to help team members resolve and manage conflicts
  • Identify ways to promote constructive conflict resolution
  • Use a model to coach teams and individuals through constructive resolution of conflict

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