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Enneagram Workshops

We offer both corporate and public workshops and can tailor them to meet your specific needs.

Sample Two-Day Workshop: Core Concepts

  • Learn a basic understanding of the nine Enneagram personality types
  • Identify your own personality type and its related strengths and growth areas
  • Appreciate and use the diversity within your organization
  • Resolve personality conflicts
  • Share a common language to facilitate personal and professional growth
  • Envision new ways of working with your colleagues and customers

Sample One-Day Workshop: Team Building

  • Recognize and understand different work and communication styles
  • Integrate different personality and work styles into a cohesive team
  • Draw on each team member’s unique strengths
  • Establish focus on common goals
  • Create and maximize team synergy

Evaluations from an Enneagram Workshop conducted for J.Walter Thompson Advertising

“Definitely a must-do for managers. Great team-building exercise. Loved getting personal insights into co-workers.”

“Get my fellow team members to go and take it together.”

“I would also make this workshop necessary for all of management.”

“I’d like more people in the company to take this workshop.”

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