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Enneagram Personality Mapping

The Enneagram is a guide to understanding people—how we are the same, how we are different, what drives us, and how we relate to each other. It is an invaluable tool in the workplace where cooperation and relationship building is essential to success. The Enneagram system describes nine distinct personality types and their interrelationships. Each personality type associated with the Enneagram represents a map of traits that highlights patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. By learning one’s type and the patterns and habits associated with that type, one can use the Enneagram system as an effective tool for self-understanding and self-development.

“The Enneagram has revealed more to me about my unconscious patterns, habitual preoccupations, underlying fears, and misused strengths than any techniques for self-understanding I’ve yet come across.”
Tony Schwartz, Esquire

“The Enneagram categories are based on human psychology, not the stars… It lets practitioners see what makes themselves and others tick in the business world, as well as in personal relationships.” Newsweek

With the Enneagram as a tool, we can help you and your colleagues:

  • Define professional styles of thinking, feeling, acting, and relating
  • Identify individual strengths
  • Illuminate blind spots
  • Highlight how individual styles interact in groups
  • Provide a system for leveraging this understanding to create positive change
  • Lay out a map for growth

Impact on Organizational Success:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Higher motivation and work satisfaction
  • More cohesive teams
  • Greater ability to optimize personal and professional strengths

Tool of Choice:

  • Taught at Stanford Business School
  • Used by companies setting standards of excellence, such as Motorola, Marriott, and Boeing

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“The Enneagram is ‘the’ management tool for the new millenium—enabling a balance of growth for individuals and organizations.” – Vi Nelson, President, Vi Nelson Consulting Company



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